the jesuit: chicanery; deception; perversion

Came across an interesting observation this morning in one of my favorite books — an old thesaurus — quickly followed by another, connected, interesting observation in yet another of my favorite books, an equally old dictionary on historical principles. I’ll start with the latter first. The word I came across was “Jesuit,” from 1550, with […]

fine tuning the whining

Spring cleaning some of my files this week, I came across a document I wrote in October 2012, when in higher education administration. At the time, I was reflecting on “fine tuning” the whining that can be encountered in the ubiquitous realm of The Student Complaint. Here’s what I wrote. There’s a phenomenon I have seen […]


Rachel Jeantel cannot read cursive. She is nearly 20 years old and entering the twelfth grade. This is a national disgrace. We don’t admit the brightest students into our education programs, despite constantly reiterating that “our children are our future.” If this were so, we would be actively recruiting the most dynamic, intelligent, forward-thinking, smart […]

building strong children

A good friend of mine recently wrote me a rather poignant rhetorical question: “Is there anybody out there who had a childhood that was not a horror show?” We’d been discussing the psychological baggage that can linger long after the 21st birthday candles on the cake have been blown out: the redolent traces of the […]